Interested in better salon rental?

We’re always looking for great hair stylists that are interested in doing more with their careers.

Earn More Money
You work much too hard to give away 50%, or more, of the money you earn working under a commission structure. You can substantially increase your income by working as an independent contractor in Xander Blue Salon’s professional chair rental salon environment.

Have More Freedom
Set your own hours, set your own prices. Come and go as you please. Being a independent stylist has many advantages including you being in control of your schedule and changing it as you need.

Learn and Earn
We offer advanced education through out the year to help you grow as a designer and business person. It’s one of our beliefs that you must continually grow or reach your fullest potential.

Don’t Worry
We help relieve the fear and risk out of being your own boss. Xander Blue Salon’s were built on the philosophy of a win-win business relationship. We’ll help you make the transition to your new location and give you the tools to you need to get started. We offer 4 weeks free of rent to new stylist to assist them in their transition.

Xander Blue Salon Perks

  • Key access to salon to meet you client needs.
  • In house education.
  • Music supplied by iPod play lists.
  • Free WiFi for you and clients.
  • Locking storage areas for your tools and supplies.
  • A professional weekly cleaning service.
  • Lanudry area.
  • Kitchen and break area.
  • Magazines for your clients.
  • And MUCH, MUCH more.

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