Looking to bring out your wild child?

Color Bug — Warning: Highly Addictive Temporary Color for Your Hair

Looking to bring out your wild child?

Hair stylist, Kevin Murphy has created the Color Bug–a highly addictive beauty product for hair.

Essentially “make-up” for hair, the Color Bug comes in a vibrant pink, purple and orange and allows women to apply these colors wherever they want on their hair. The best part? The application is easy and washes off completely with shampoo, so it perfect for when you want those edgy streaks but don’t want the commitment.

To apply, just take a relatively thin piece of hair, press it to the Color Bug, and slide it down. Do this on either side and you will instantly have colorful hair without the hassle of the hair salon.

The Color Bugs are pocket sized and will easily fit in your purse, so you can run to the bathroom any time for a quick touch up or application.

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