women’s cut: $45.00 and up.
men’s cut: $25.00 and up.

please note: all cuts includes shampoo, conditioner and style.  Hair cuts are blown dry and styled as this is an important part of our cutting process.

base color: $55.00 and up
base color and full highlights: $165.00 and up.
base color, hi and lowlights: $195.00 and up.
base color, partial highlights: $120.00 and up.
full highlights: $120.00 and up.
partial highlights: $80.00 and up.
base and ends: $70.00 (short-med), $80.00 (long).
color correction: by consultation.

blow out and style: $30.00 and up.
updos and formal styles: $45.00 and up.
eyebrow shaping: $12.00 and up.